Stand Up Pouch Packaging – The Perfect Package for Your Product

Stand Up Pouch Packaging

Stand Up Pouch Packaging – The Perfect Package for Your Product

Best-in-class packaging is one of the most important elements for a product to stand out on the retail shelf. Compared to rigid packaging, flexible packaging is lightweight, simple to store and unbreakable. It is also a sustainable option as it produces lesser carbon footprints.

What’s more, being versatile, it can be used for different applications and industries, including food & beverage, personal care, and pharmaceutical industries.

There are various types of flexible packaging, including stand up pouches packaging Stand up pouches allows the product to stand erect (without any support) on their bottom for display, use and storage.

A] Benefits of Stand Up Pouches

1. Shape and Structure:

Stand up pouches can be manufactured in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and design possibilities. They feature add-ons like spouts, zip locks and resealable seals. Flexible packaging materials allow for more creative and visible packaging shapes that let your products stand apart from other products on the shelves, attracting potential consumers. Also, with top of the line printing & designing services, a flexible packaging manufacturer can craft visually striking packaging for products that provide greater market value.

2. Transport and Warehousing:

The latest technology & materials have led the way for the growth in flexible packaging. Flexible packaging now uses fewer and lighter materials that result in smaller deliverable products than traditional packaging. Since the packaging is compact, they take limited shipping space to transport. The superior-quality materials used while packaging the products also extend the shelf life and require less shelf space for the retailer.

3. Cost Reductions:

The material used for stand up pouches packaging is recyclable. They also reduce the cost of warehousing and transport as they require less storage space. These improvements combined with the reduced costs can provide significant savings for manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

4. Product Safety:

The fine quality material used to manufacture stand up pouches aids in keeping food fresh for longer durations and provide excellent barrier control. It also safeguards the products during transportation and storage. Plus, it offers extra protection against moisture, contaminants, UV rays, and more.

5. Consumer Convenience:

When it comes to product packaging, consumer convenience is a top priority. Creating a better customer experience with your product and extending the life of food are some features that resealable stand-up pouches offer. Some pouches come with a transparent film that acts as a window allowing consumers a small view of the product. They can also be manufactured to be steamable i.e. consumers can directly put them in the microwave without any issue.

Stand-up pouches also come with numerous customizable options for easy opening and closing and using of products.

For example, Omprakash Packaging offers the following options:

  • Zipper pouches: helps in maintaining product freshness for a longer
  • Spout pouches: used for soft, edible products
  • Resealable press: an easier way to open and reseal the packaging

Convenience is everything for consumers, and they will always opt for easy-to-use products.

6. Shelf Impact:

With stunning graphic design and a wide range of shapes and sizes, stand up pouches are eye-catching on the shelf. The top benefit of stand up pouches – in terms of shelf impact – is that printing can be done on both sides. This gives the product a competitive edge compared to products in lay-down bags and smaller rigid containers.

7. Sustainability:

Stand up pouches utilises lesser materials, limited energy and water to make, and fewer volatile organic compounds are produced. As a result, they are eco-friendly. In addition to cost savings, they save on fuel emissions during transportation. Stand up pouches are also recyclable or biodegradable without compromising on safety and quality.

8. In-store Versatility:

Stand up pouches can be created in any design, shape or size. They are easy to stack in-store, and some pouches can be hung from hooks giving consumers better access.

B] Types of Stand Up Pouches

1. Paper Stand Up Pouches

Flexible paper stand-up pouches are a popular choice amongst all the other stand-up pouches. It is used for packaging pulses, tea, coffee, spices, nuts, snacks, pet foods, frozen foods, among others. They come with an easy to tear notch and have a resealable press & close zipper. Crafted from high-quality white and brown paper, these pouches are environment-friendly and reusable. They are lightweight and portable, and the insides are PVDC coated. This makes the packaging strong, durable, and long-lasting. They also come with high moisture and oxygen barrier properties.

2. Transparent Stand Up Pouches

We offer transparent stand-up zipper pouches, clear & unprinted stand-up zipper pouches and transparent stand-up pouches without the zipper. These packagings are eco-friendly, lightweight, and water-proof. Offering an excellent-quality build, these transparent stand-up pouches are an ideal choice for the packaging of solid and liquid products. This includes cereals, herbs, cookies, coffee, tea, nuts and dry fruits, pickles, and sweets. They provide high visibility and can be easily placed on a flat surface without any support. They also offer high strength and temperature resistance and are available in one-sided clear and one-sided colour options.

3. Metallized Stand Up Pouches

Food products need to be protected from UV light, moisture, and oxygen. For this, metallized stand up pouches are a good choice. These pouches are manufactured using an aluminium layer along with standard PET. Metallized stand up pouches offer a unique high barrier and specialize in airtight and resealable zip closure. These classy designed pouches are food safe and offer a longer shelf life. They also come with an easy-to-tear notch. Available in different sizes, shapes, colours, and structures, these pouches are lightweight and waterproof.

4. Custom Stand Up Pouches

Superior quality raw materials are used to manufacture custom stand up pouches. This makes them highly durable and resistant to wear & tear. Based on your requirement, the custom stand up pouches can be manufactured in different shapes, colours, designs, and sizes. These pouches feature a PVDC lamination that assists in keeping the content moisture-free and the aroma intact. Custom stand-up pouches are available in 9 different colours. Apart from being eco-friendly, these pouches are 100% recyclable and have a stand-up gusset base making them well-suited for display.

5. Coloured Stand Up Pouches

Bright and vibrant colours tend to catch the eye of the consumer instantly on the retail shelf. Coloured stand up pouches are perfect for making your product stand-apart on the retail shelf. They can feature a window on the side for visibility (if needed). These eye-catching packaging pouches have a distinctive style, which makes them trendy. These pouches offer high-barrier properties and come with thick laminated material for added strength. Made from high-quality materials, the bottom gusset guarantees that the packaging stands by itself when full.


Stand up packaging pouches are beneficial not only for businesses but also for consumers. They are cost-effective, sustainable and eco-friendly. Compared to traditional packaging, they are also lightweight, unbreakable, easy to store and transport. The best part, there are a variety of stand-up pouches that you can choose from based on your business needs and requirements.

Check out the stand-up pouches we offer, and for more details, get in touch with us.

You can also take a look at our FAQs page if you want to learn more about our products and services.

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