Spices Packaging

Spices Packaging Pouches Manufacturer in India

Spices Packaging

Our high-grade Spice Packaging Pouches are well-suited for all kinds of spices, seasoning, and herbs. Offering optimum thickness and barrier levels, these pouches are thoroughly tested and won’t easily damage under pressure. Featuring an airtight zipper sealing, our spice packaging pouches can help retain the products natural aroma while the inner foil will ensure that the product remains fresh and dry at all times.

Available in various sizes, designs and capacities, these pouches are highly flexible and heat resistant. What’s more, they are manufactured with the utmost hygiene and are sturdy enough to protect the product from organic and inorganic contaminants.

What Do We Offer?

Digital Printed Pouches in varied colours

Rotogravure HD quality customised printing in up to 9 colours

Note: The above packaging pouches for spices are available with/without a bottom gusset and with/without the window.