Shape Pouches


We manufacture Shaped Pouches that can be designed as per your brand or product requirement. These shaped pouches come with different fitment options and offer high-quality printing, which makes them a perfect choice for confectionery, food, beverages, and other edible items. Our wide range of products includes shaped pouches with/without the zipper, shaped spout pouches, among others. They can be manufacture with/without the window and are coated with PVDC inner lamination that keeps the products fresh and completely odour-free. These pouches with bottom gusset also ensure safe packaging and are suitable for long-term storage.


  1. An excellent choice for cold and hot beverages.
  2. Available in different customisable shapes and styles.
  3. Available in different laminate structures.
  4. Available in small sachets and large packaging sizes.
  5. Customised Printing.
  6. Convenient to use and offers zero leakage.

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Additional Information
Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 56 × 15 × 34 cm