The versatility of flexible packaging pouches is such that there are different types of product packaging you can choose from, depending on your business needs and requirements. The product packaging options that we offer include paper stand up pouches, transparent stand up pouches, metallized stand up pouches, coloured stand up pouches, spout pouches and shape pouches. We also offer custom stand up pouches that can be manufactured in different sizes, shapes, colours, and formats.

All our product packaging pouches are eco-friendly and have a stand-up gusset base. Flexible packaging pouches are also available with and without a window. The shape and spout pouches are leak-proof, resistant to wear & tear and have unique high barrier properties. All our products for varied markets are manufactured using high-quality food-grade material and have high strength & temperature resistance. What’s more, we offer up to 9 printing options, so you can pick a suitable packaging that is perfect for your products.


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