Dry Fruits Packaging

Dry Fruits Packaging Pouches Manufacturer in India

Dry Fruits Packaging

We offer the widest range of solutions for dry fruits and nut packaging that ensures the product remains uncontaminated at all times. Our dry fruits packaging pouches are made with the highest quality raw materials and are resistant to heat, temperature and other environmental factors. Their high tensile strength ensures that it remains unbroken and undamaged during transportation while the airtight seal helps retain the savoury and aromatic qualities of the product.

We manufacture dry fruits packaging pouches in various sizes, shapes, and vibrant colours. So, no matter what your requirements are, we can offer you the best customised dry fruits packaging solution to meet the exact product specifications.

What Do We Offer?

Digital Printed Pouches in varied colours

Rotogravure HD quality customised printing in up to 9 colours

Note: The above packaging pouches for dry fruits are available with/without a bottom gusset and with/without the window.