Transparent Stand Up Pouches


Omprakash Packaging offers a comprehensive choice of products, including transparent stand up zipper pouches, clear and unprinted stand up zipper pouches and transparent stand up pouches without the zipper. These excellent quality Transparent Stand Up Pouches offer multi-layer barrier properties and are a great choice for the packaging of solid and liquid products such as coffee, tea, cereals, herbs, cookies, seasoning, nut-fruits, pickles, and candies. They feature durable tear notch making them reusable. Moreover, they provide high visibility, and its stand up design ensures that it can be easily placed on a flat surface without any support.


  1. Lightweight and waterproof.
  2. Environment-friendly.
  3. High strength and temperature resistance.
  4. Available in different sizes, colours and styles.
  5. Available in one-sided clear and one-sided colour options.


Are flexible transparent stand up pouches safe/environment-friendly?

Yes, it is. Since we use high-quality materials to manufacture flexible transparent stand up pouches, they are completely safe for various applications. Our pouches are BRC certified and also eco-friendly.

What materials are used for making transparent stand up pouches?

The material used for making transparent stand up pouches depends on the requirement. We offer transparent stand up pouches in different sizes and materials, including PET/CPP, PET/ Poly, PVDC coated, etc.

What type of transparent stand up pouches are available?

Based on the requirement, we offer transparent stand up pouches in different sizes, shapes, styles and materials. They are also available in one-sided clear and one-sided colour options.

What is the minimum order quantity for transparent stand up pouches?

As a flexible packaging supplier in India, we offer customised packaging solutions and cater to all business needs. No matter what your requirements are, we can help you. Apart from custom packaging, we also offer ready-made stock of pouches.

What are the benefits of using transparent stand up pouches?

Transparent pouches are beneficial for both companies and consumers. To learn more check out our blog on stand up pouch packaging.

Do you provide samples for size and testing purposes?

Yes, we do. Get in touch for more information.

Are transparent stand up pouches food-safe?

Yes, they are. All our products are food-safe and BRC certified.

What are the features of transparent stand up pouches?

Transparent stand up pouches are lightweight and waterproof. They have high strength and offer excellent temperature resistance. They are environment-friendly and available in varied options.


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