Bakery & Confectionery Packaging Pouches: Factors To Consider

Bakery And Confectioner Packaging Pouches

Bakery & Confectionery Packaging Pouches: Factors To Consider

Bakery and confectionery food items like cakes, pastries, doughnuts, candies, wafers, chips, and chocolates are extremely popular among consumers. Packaging required for these items needs to be of premium quality and food safe. They need to be the best as they go through different cycles, from packaging and storing to distribution and sales.

Confectionery and bakery packaging also needs to be hygienic, should be able to keep moisture away, the aroma intact, and protect the product from damage. In short, there are various factors that you need to consider when looking for bakery & confectionery packaging pouches. What are these factors? Continue reading to find out!

A] The Origins of Confectionery Packaging Pouches

The roots of packaging are traced back to when food was packed, stored and delivered in rawhide pouches. Before cartons were invented for packaging, crackers & chips were sold out of barrels. The retailers would scoop them out of the barrels into the bags of the consumers. This early method was unhygienic and would lead to the biscuits turning stale.

During this period, a packaging company developed the folding carton. The cardboard and paper packaging proved an affordable and convenient method for companies. Soon most of the food manufacturing companies started using this method. These early food packaging pouches helped prolong the lifespan of food items and became a necessity that effectively met the demands of the emerging modern market.

Over time, the requirement for proper confectionery packaging became supreme to the success of a business. Convenience was turning into the main driver for packaging producers. Thus, out of this necessity, flexible packaging pouches were born. These were not only convenient to use & resealable but also increased the shelf life of the products. They were also cost-effective and helped with marketing through vibrant graphics.

B] Confectionery and Bakery Packaging: Factors to Consider

1. Appearance: Like beauty products, the packaging of confectionery and bakery items is tied to the science of persuasion. The colours on the package influence how people feel about a particular product. Every colour has a certain emotion attached to it, for example, colours like red convey excitement, whereas blue is associated with trust.

2. Design & Structure: Aside from the colour of the food packaging pouches, it also requires creative designs to capture consumers attention in retail shops. A good structure can add immense value to the product and enhance its functions. It is recommended to tap into the lifestyle and imagination of the target audience to learn what makes the packaging unique compared to other similar products.

3. Protection: Choose high-quality packaging that will protect the product from damage caused during shipping and handling. For instance, flexible stand up pouches uses barrier protection that provides durability and protects the products for longer periods. Also, since superior-quality materials are used to manufacture flexible packaging, it helps increase the lifespan of the bakery and confectionery item.

4. Transport & Warehousing: Unlike traditional packaging, flexible packaging uses fewer & lighter materials that result in smaller deliverable products. These occupy limited space during transportation and storage, which lessens the cost of transport and warehousing. With these improvements, the overall cost of the packaging is reduced, which provides significant savings for manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

5. Versatility: Flexible packaging offers durability to keep your products safe, while also offering versatility. Stand up pouches can be manufactured in any design, shape, colour or size. Some food packaging pouches can be hung from hooks, while some can be placed on a shelf.

6. Legal and Environment: As you consider the packaging structure, design, colour, and graphics, assessing its legal and environmental impact is also important. Ensure your product packaging does not infringe on intellectual property such as trademarks, copyrights or patents. Also, choose an eco-friendly option. This will help protect the environment and improve your brand’s credibility.

C] Types of Packaging for Bakery and Confectionery Items

Confectionery packaging pouches are a perfect fit for products with heat sensitivity. Our packaging pouches help preserve the taste, flavour and nutritional value of the bakery & confectionery item. They also are well-suited for high-speed packaging and come with moisture and oxygen barriers. The types of flexible packaging we offer are:

1. Paper Stand Up Pouches: Crafted with high-quality brown & white paper, paper stand up pouches are available in various sizes and shapes. They are ideal for packaging candies and chocolates. They can feature an easy to tear notch, a close zipper or a resealable press. Compared to plastic, paper stand up pouches are more cost-effective and environment-friendly.

2. Shape Stand Up Pouches: Shaped pouches are well-suited for cold/hot beverages and other liquids. They are PVDC coated to keep products fresh and odour free. They can be manufactured with/without a window. They have a gusset that ensures the packaging can stand up on retail shelves. Shaped pouches offer high-quality printing, making them a perfect choice for confectionery, food, beverages, and other edible items.

3. Coloured/Plain Stand Up Pouches: Coloured stand up pouches aid your product in standing out on the retail shelf. They are eye-catching and available in different colours, sizes and styles. They can also feature a clear window for product visibility if required on one side. The coloured stand up pouches offers extra strength, making them durable. Being thickly laminated, they are moisture-proof and odour-proof.

4. Metallized Stand Up Pouches: If you want to keep your confectionery and bakery products safe from moisture, UV lights, and oxygen, then metallized stand up pouches are a great choice. These stand-up pouches are manufactured utilising an aluminium layer with the standard PET and offer a unique high barrier. They provide a longer shelf value and help retain the flavour & freshness of food items. They are user-friendly & lightweight and available in different sizes, shapes, colours and structures. Although these pouches can be used for bakery items, they are primarily used for popcorn, grains, frozen foods, and dry fruits.

5. Transparent Stand Up Pouches: Transparent stand up pouches are an ideal choice for bakery packaging. These food packaging pouches are environment-friendly, water-proof and lightweight. They offer an excellent-quality build for solid and liquid packaging. Along with confectionery and bakery packaging, it can also be utilised for cereals, herbs, pickles, cookies, coffee, tea, nuts and dry fruits. They offer high strength and can be stored in extreme conditions due to the temperature resistance. They are available in different sizes, structures, shapes, colours and even have one-sided clear and one-sided colour options.

6. Digital Printed Pouches: Visual attraction is vital when it comes to the packaging of products. This is where digital prints on stand up pouches enhance the look of your product in the eyes of potential customers. A brand can utilise digitally printed graphics to highlight the product features. Digital printed pouches come in various colours, are easily customisable, cost-effective, and aid in making the product stand out on the retailer’s shelf.

Final Note

Bakery and confectionery packaging pouches are beneficial for businesses as they are cost-effective, sustainable, and eco-friendly. Compared to traditional rigid packaging, they offer optimal protection, are available in numerous shapes & sizes, are lightweight, unbreakable, and easy to store & transport. The best part, you can choose the right packaging from the range of options available based on your business needs and requirements. So, make an informed decision and opt for a suitable packaging option that is compatible with your products.

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